CDMA Training Courses

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is an essential part of the wireless world, and it is becoming more and more essential that delegates have an understanding of it in today’s changing wireless environment.

Courses cover a range of technical subject areas such as radio access networks, radio network controllers and protocols. Designed to teach professionals the technical aspects of CDMA, including the WCDMA Air Interface in a UMTS/3G network, UTRAN and cellular technology.

We also have courses which address the air interface technology of European Standard and American Standard 3rd Generation mobile deployment as well as CDMA2000, enabling delegates to be fully prepared for CDMA related tasks.

These courses are best suited to those with a basic understanding of cellular technology and CDMA.

  1. WCDMA and Core Network Deployment, Planning & Optimisation for UMTS

    This course covers the basic requirements to perform air interface planning in a theoretical environment. The course includes Network Planning and 3G Foundation, Network Dimensioning and Link Budget e...

  2. CDMA Networking and Security

    A Training Course on CDMA Networking and Security; covers technical aspects of the W-CDMA Radio Access Network, Radio Network Controllers, Protocols, Channel Types, Coding & Modulation technolog...

  3. W-CDMA for UMTS

    A Training Course on W-CDMA for UMTS; designed to inform the student of the technical aspects of the WCDMA Air Interface in a UMTS/3G network.

  4. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Technology Overview, incl. Wideband-CDMA & cdma2000

    This course gives delegates a detailed overview of the air interface technologies used in the European Standard and American Standard 3rd Generation mobile deployment

  5. CDMA 2000 1XRTT

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of the CDMA2000 air interface

  6. CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Overview

    This course provides an overview of how 1xEV-DO is deployed as an overlay to CDMA2000 networks