Our cloud computing training courses start with the essentials then progress to look at the SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) behind cloud computing, specifically at how cloud networks are built, the services the technology can provide, as well as the costs involved in implementing cloud services in your organisation. The courses also consider both the advantages and risks posed by cloud computing.

As the cloud is still developing rapidly we look too at the potential of the technology and how this is likely to impact on business practices. We offer a range of courses in Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. We explore how cloud applications and services can be built using this infrastructure, and how related technologies such as SQL Azure, ASP.NET and AppFabric can be utilized. After completing our Windows Azure courses delegates have a complete understanding of how to use the platform and its suitability for use within their organisation.

  1. Cloud Computing Essentials

    Find out everything you need to know about cloud computing on this 4-day interactive course.

  2. Cloud Computing

    This 2-day training course examines Cloud Computing and the Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) that can support it.

  3. Windows Azure Platform - Accelerated Training Workshop

    This 2-day course provides delegates with an intensive overview of the Windows Azure platform.

  4. M50466: Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    This 3-day course provides an introduction to the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud operating system and .Net development within it.