Frame Relay Overview

This seminar provides an introduction into the operation and management of a Frame Relay network and its integration with other technologies such as ATM and IP. The intention is to provide the delegate with a thorough understanding of how Frame relay works, its strengths and weaknesses and where it fits into the global networking picture.

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Introduction to Frame Relay (5 topics)

  • Frame Relay as a connection oriented packet switched network
  • Frame Relay packet format
  • Extended header formats
  • Frame Relay service features

Frame Relay management (4 topics)

  • Local Management Interface
  • Consolidated Link Layer Management
  • Standard MIBs for Frame Relay

Traffic management in Frame Relay Networks (5 topics)

  • Congestion in Frame Relay networks
  • Connection policing by the network
  • Discard Eligibility and how it is used
  • The use of FECN and BECN control bits

Integrating Frame Relay with Other Technologies (6 topics)

  • Multiprotocol encapsulation over Frame relay
  • Comparison of IP encapsulation of Frame Relay with other technologies
  • Frame Relay interworking with ATM
  • Network and Service Interworking
  • Signalling in Frame Relay networks

Frame Relay Services (4 topics)

  • Real time application support in Frame Relay
  • Multicast support in Frame Relay
  • Providing Quality of Service in Frame Relay networks