GPRS Training Courses

Our courses on GPRS are designed for those who have knowledge of basic mobile cellular technology prior to starting the course. They cover an introduction to the complete evolution of GSM towards a radio access network that efficiently supports UMTS services (GERAN). Courses also feature a technical introduction to EDGE.

Our in-depth courses cover all the major features such as basic GSM, GPRS, EDGE and AMR and the full capability of the GERAN radio interface for which 3G service support is envisaged.

Ranging from 1-3 days in length, our courses help to teach delegates an appropriate level of GPRS knowledge in the quickest time possible, enabling delegates to spend minimum time away from work.

  1. GPRS Technical Overview

    A Training Course on GPRS Technical Overview; informs delegates of technical aspects of GPRS overlay network on GSM, procedures and applications.

  2. EDGE Technical Overview

    A Training Course on Edge Technical Overview. The GSM/GPRS, system design and in-depth look at operation of edge to provide higher data rates.

  3. GSM, GPRS & EDGE Performance & Optimisation

    A Training Course on GSM, GPRS & EDGE Performance & Optimisation; Focusing on GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance/Optimisation and examination of AMR and GERAN