GSM Training Courses

Our courses on GSM (Global Systems for Mobile) cover everything the wireless professional needs to know, such as air interface technologies, digital cellular communication systems and ISND services as well as providing a technical overview of GSM technologies.

GSM cellular design is also covered within the syllabus, along with TDMA (time division multiple access) and FDMA (frequency division multiple access).

We also offer an in-depth course which is a condensed combination of three of our GSM courses; GSM and UMTS Air Interface and Signalling.

  1. GSM Technical Overview

    A technical overview training course on GSM system technology, architectures and air interface including A and A-bis interfaces.

  2. GSM Air Interface

    A Training Course on GSM Air Interface. Procedures and design. TDMA, FDMA, traffic and control channels, frequency hopping and hand-over techniques.

  3. GSM Signalling

    A training course on GSM signalling in core networks including SS7 protocol stacks in GSM network, MTP, TCAP, and the OSI model implementation in GSM.

  4. GSM Cellular Design

    A Training Course on GSM Cellular Design. How to plan and design GSM network. Radio Wave propagation, frequency optimisation, mapping, and traffic modelling.

  5. GSM In-Building Coverage Solutions

    A Training Course on GSM in-Building coverage solutions. For radio engineers and planners, surveying site to installation of indoor GSM coverage

  6. GSM Technologies with Enhanced Data Capabilities

    A technical overview of the GSM network components and technologies used

  7. GSM and UMTS Air Interface and Signalling

    An training course on GSM and UMTS Air Interface and Signalling.

  8. GSM/UMTS Deployment, Optimisation and Planning

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of optimisation and planning techniques required for optimal usage on GSM and UMTS networks.