We offer a range of courses which give users insight and working knowledge of Intelligent Networks (IN) and Customised Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic (CAMEL).

The courses cover technologies and protocols including 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsytem (IMS), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), DiffServ, Resource ReserVation Protocol (RSVP), Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), SigTran and the H.323 protocol suite.

Suitable for a mixture of abilities and professions, the courses also cover in detail the CAMEL phases II, III & IV, and allow delegates to fully understand the concepts and technicalities of CAMEL and CAP.

  1. IMS & SIP Technical Description

    A Training Course on IMS & SIP Technical Description; overview of technical details; SIP & application in IMS, (registration, session establishment, presence, messaging, push to talk.

  2. Intelligent Networks, INAP & CAMEL

    A Training Course on Intelligent Networks, INAP & CAMEL; learn to decouple services and features from hardware switches in fixed-line networks.

  3. Wireless IN and CAMEL

    A Training Course on Wireless IN and CAMEL; technical information to allow understanding of the basic technology, standards & protocols involved and in Wireless IN & CAMEL environments.

  4. Mobile IP

    A Training Course on Mobile IP; understanding basic concepts of third generation mobile networks and IP basics, and merging of the two technologies.

  5. Next Generation Networks, SIP, SigTran

    A Training Course on Next Generation Networks, SIP, SigTran; a detailed overview of signalling protocols in NGN architectures including internetworking.

  6. CAMEL Phase II, III & IV - Charging & Accounting

    This course looks at the basic concepts of CAMEL and CAP, focusing on Phase II and Phase III.

  7. NGN, SIP, IMS, SigTRAN and IN

    NGN, SIP, IMS, SigTRAN and IN Training Course. Technical training course on NGNs for those migrating skills from legacy PSTN and GSM systems.