Introduction to Wireless Training Courses

With wireless technologies evolving fast, it is vital that professionals keep up to date. Our introductory classes are delivered by our team of skilled trainers with advanced knowledge of wireless technologies. Delegates are eased into the world of wireless confidently and quickly. Many of our courses are purpose-built for those who have a non-technical background and wish to advance in the world of wireless communications.

Our courses cover a diverse range of topics from wireless and mobile trends to radio transmission and the principles behind cellular radio. Our courses give a thorough overview of LTE, GSM, GPRS and UMTS, providing delegates with the knowledge they need to confidently address and understand the wireless world.

  1. Competing Trends in Wireless Technologies, incl. LTE, WiMAX and WiFi

    This course gives delegates a high-level overview of the currently competing wireless and mobile technologies

  2. Mobile Communications Overview

    A Training Course on Mobile Communications Overview; provides a complete overview of GSM, GPRS, UMTS standard and key 3G issues.

  3. Radio Fundamentals Overview

    This introductory course gives delegates an overview of Cellular systems and radio frequency technologies.

  4. Mobile Networks Fundamentals

    A Training Course on Mobile Networks Fundamentals; covers the variety of mobile standards and devices; FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, GPRS, EDGe, and Satellite.

  5. Radio Principles Explained

    A Training Course on Radio Principles Explained. Principles of RF, to aid planning design and maintenance, of modern radio linked communications.

  6. GSM Overview

    A Training Course on GSM Overview; A broad overview of the GSM system designed for low-level non-technical delegates, such as sales and marketing

  7. GPRS Overview

    A Training Course on GPRS Overview; This course outlines the major attributes and elements of a GPRS network.

  8. UMTS Overview

    A Training Course on UMTS Overview; basic functionality of 3G wireless system; specifications, models, architecture, UTRAN, UMTS, security, & protocols.

  9. Third Generation Technologies Overview

    A Training Course on Third Generation Technologies Overview; outlines features in development of 3G UMTS standard and explains key issues.