IPv6 Training Courses

Perpetual solutions offers both introductory and 'hands on' IPv6 courses that can also be delivered onsite at locations across EMEA, US and Asia/Pac regions.

Our introductory course outlines the distinct advantages of this latest generation Internet Protocol. Hands on IPv6 is a 5-day course that imparts the knowledge and skills to design, implement, verify and troubleshoot IPv6 on networks used by carriers, enterprises and at home. The third course, also of five days duration, helps network engineers with the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of IPv6 networks using Cisco devices running Cisco IOS software.

  1. IPv6: An Introduction

    A Training Course on IPv6: An Introduction; addressing and its interoperability and integration with IPv4. This is future of internet addressing.

  2. Hands-on IPv6

    This hands on course gives delegates the skills required to implement and maintain IPv6 networks.

  3. IPv6 Fundamentals, Design and Deployment v2.0

    This course provides delegates with the skills required for the implementation, configuration and maintenance of IP v6 using Cisco devices.