Onsite Training Courses and Scheduled Training Solutions
We provide both onsite training and scheduled training courses across UK, EMEA, US and Asia/Pac. Please click on the course titles below to see course outlines, schedules and delivery locations.

  1. Understanding Wide Area Networking

    A training course on Understanding Wide Area Networking. This could gives an overview of the major communication technologies and systemks today which utuilise WAN’s.

  2. IP Virtual Private Networks

    A Training Course on IP Virtual Private Networks; design and management of secure, voice and data VPN’s in communication networks.

  3. Hands On X.25

    A Training Course on Hands On X.25; learn the key concepts behind X.25,with hands on labs for realistic installation and troubleshooting.

  4. Internetworking with LANs and Routers for Developers

    A Training Course on Internetworking with LANs and Routers for Developers; overview of major topics for building IP infrastructure products.