LTE Training Courses

Our extensive range of courses in LTE (Long Term Evolution) cover a wide variety of wireless applications and technologies.

18 LTE courses offer delegates everything from an overview of LTE to the intricacies, including in-depth learning about VO (voice over) LTE, IMS and SIP. Courses are suitable for engineers as well as managers, technical support and sales executives. Instructors ensure that delegates complete with an appropriate mastery of the subjects taught.

Ranging in length from 1-8 days, courses also provide fundamental knowledge of UTRAN and MIMO solutions, antennae technology and HSPA. Core network, radio performance and signalling protocols are also subject areas covered, as well as heterogeneous networks, SAE (System Architecture Evolution) and SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity).

Courses require prior familiarity with topics taught and are ideally aimed at those who would like to progress further into LTE Wireless.

  1. LTE Advanced (LTE-A) Fundamentals

    A LTE Advanced (LTE-A) training course including Carrier Aggregation, MIMO Solutions, the use of Relay Nodes, Coordinated Multipoint operation (CoMP), and WiFi offload.

  2. Small Cell & Hetnets in LTE

    This course is designed to explain the use of small cell technologies in heterogeneous networks (HetNets). It offers information on admission control coverage optimisation, interference modellin...

  3. Seamless WiFi Offload for LTE

    A training course on implementating and optimisating WiFi and LTE interworking or WiFi offload.

  4. Voice over LTE, SIP & the IMS

    A course exploring voice traffic within an LTE network including CSFB, VoLTE, voice continuity in LTE, SIP and IMS.

  5. LTE Overview & Radio Signalling

    A training course. LTE Overview & Radio Signalling

  6. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Fundamentals

    This training course looks at Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services and techology.

  7. LTE Fundamentals

    This course gives delegates an in-depth understanding of LTE and the environment surrounding it.

  8. LTE Core Network

    This specialised course covers the major area of LTE's evolved core network called SAE (Systems Architecture Evolution).

  9. LTE Signalling and Protocols

    This course examines the LTE protocol structure and gives focus to specific protocols.

  10. MIMO and Antenna Technology for HSPA+ and LTE

    This course looks at diversity in all its forms and then diversity, MIMO, beamforming and array antennas.

  11. LTE Interworking

    This course gives delegates an overview of WLAN interworking and examines how it may be extensible to other technologies.

  12. LTE, its Charging Architecture and use of Diameter

    This course looks at how Diameter works as the Charging application in LTE.

  13. LTE Technical Overview

    This overview course describes the motivations, timescales and goals of LTE as well as identifying the technical features of UMTS that will change to support LTE.

  14. LTE Fundamentals and Core Network

    A training course on LTE Fundamentals and Core Network architecture and protocols. SAE is examined.

  15. LTE Fundamentals, Core Network and Signalling

    An training course on LTE Fundamentals, Core Network architecture, signalling and protocols.