SIP Training Courses

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a network communications protocol that is fast becoming the Voice over IP of choice. From basic SIP and WebRTC training to advanced courses on troubleshooting SIP end-to-end across networks, our curriculum covers all the aspects that modern voice services professionals needs to know. Choose from the half-day Introduction to WebRTC course through to the technical 5-day training course on Next Gen Networks for those migrating skills from legacy PSTN and GSM systems.

SIP is designed to support the traditional calling features of telephone systems, but also involves multimedia elements such as video, chat, gaming and virtual reality. With SIP’s expanding applications in the consumer SIP devices market, broadcasting, video surveillance and other areas, our SIP courses are helping multimedia specialists remain leaders in their field.

  1. Introduction to WebRTC

    A training course on WebRTC technology, delivered onsite, online or in the classroom.

  2. Voice over IP using SIP

    A technical course examining Voice over IP using SIP. Examine SIP architecture, SIP technology and establish SIP services with hands on training.

  3. Troubleshooting SIP

    This course provides the skills required to locate and troubleshoot faults within SIP based operational VoIP services.

  4. NGN, SIP, IMS, SigTRAN and IN

    NGN, SIP, IMS, SigTRAN and IN Training Course. Technical training course on NGNs for those migrating skills from legacy PSTN and GSM systems.

  5. Understanding MultiService Access and SIP

    A Training Course on Understanding MultiService Access and SIP; Next-gen Telecoms, PPPoE/PPPoA/VLANs & SIP. Gigabit Ethernet, VOIP, H.323 and MEGACO.