Structured Cabling Training Courses

Data cabling training courses covering the best techniques for planning and installing your structured cabling project.

  1. Introduction to Structured Cabling (Cat5 & Cat6)

    A Training Course on Introduction to Structured Cabling (Cat5 & Cat6); introduction for managers, engineers, sales& marketing, and non-engineers.

  2. Datacoms Testing (Cat 5 & 6)

    Datacoms Testing (Cat 5 & 6) is a training course aiming to ensuring that delegates can sucessfully test and certify voice adn datacoms cable

  3. Datacoms Cabling Techniques

    A Training Course on Datacoms Cabling Techniques; for engineers, planners & supervisors who wish to become more familiar with current cabling techniques.

  4. C&G 3667 Unit 4 Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment

    A Training Course on C&G 3667 Unit 4 Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment; introduction for installation technicians/ supervisors, managers engineers & testers.