Transmission Training Courses

The Transmission Overview course gives a complete synopsis of the technologies used for transmission within many telecommunications networks, namely PDH, SONET, SDH, WDM and DWDM.

The first course, Core Network Transport Technologies, examines new developments in this area, including MPLS, carrier ethernet, SDH and emulation services.

Alongside, over a total of four days, you have introductions to Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and to SONET & SDH.

The final course teaches everything delegates need to know about Intelligent Network Engineering. It starts with the background and Architecture of Intelligent Networks and goes on to cover service functions, logic and modelling and more before rounding off with insight into new architectures for intelligent networks.

  1. Core Network Transport Technologies

    A training course examining new developments in core network transport technologies, including MPLS, carrier ethernet, SDH and emulation services.

  2. Transmission Overview

    A Training Course on Transmission Overview. Appreciating technologies used in transmission within telecomms networks. PDH, SONET, SDH, WDM and DWDM.

  3. An Introduction to TDM (Time Division Multiplexing)

    A An Introduction to TDM Time Division Multiplexing; learn how this complex technology is used as the basis for much modern network communication.

  4. Introduction to SONET & SDH

    A training course on Introduction to SONET&SDH; overview of basic concepts of optical networking, to facilitate understanding & communicate with peers and customers in this area.

  5. Intelligent Network Engineering

    A Training Course on Intelligent Network Engineering; an overview of IN operation; architecture, creating & evaluating services; Mobile & VPN.