Our wide-ranging Voice over IP (VoIP) training courses start with introductions for non-technical delegates and continue through to hands-on engineering in live classroom workshops. The preliminary course provides a solid introduction to this technology as well as a roadmap for planning and implementation.

In the more advanced courses, delegates get to grips with practical aspects of implementing services and troubleshooting Quality of Service (QoS) issues.

Anyone from carrier and service provider backgrounds requiring an introduction to carrier class Voice over IP should consider the popular 2-day Understanding MultiService Access and SIP course. We also conduct a series of Cisco-specific Voice over IP training courses and further specialist courses on Asterisk and Voice over IP for service providers.

  1. Understanding Voice over IP

    A Training Course on understanding VoIP. Introduction to VoIP architecture, IP Telephony, and protocols SIP and H.323, and implementation roadmap.

  2. Hands On Voice over IP

    A Training Course on Hands On Voice over IP; offers practical introduction to 'hands on' VoIP engineering; H.323, IETF SIP, Cisco VOIP.

  3. CVOICE8: Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS v8.0

    A Training Course on CVOICE8: Implementing Cisco Voice Communications; Provides the knowledge and skills for implementing IP telephony in a Cisco Unified Communications environment.

  4. Voice over IP using SIP

    A technical course examining Voice over IP using SIP. Examine SIP architecture, SIP technology and establish SIP services with hands on training.

  5. Voice over IP for Service Providers

    A Hands On training course exploring Voice over IP for Service Providers and Carriers, including SIP, SIP-T, SIP-I, MGCP, QoS, Security and Service Planning.

  6. Understanding MultiService Access and SIP

    A Training Course on Understanding MultiService Access and SIP; Next-gen Telecoms, PPPoE/PPPoA/VLANs & SIP. Gigabit Ethernet, VOIP, H.323 and MEGACO.

  7. Hands on Asterisk Call Server

    This training course examines hands on configuration of the Asterisk Call Server. Delegates will configure and deliver working SIP/IAX services.

  8. Voice over IP

    in-depth instructor-led Voice over IP Course which examines the issues and defines the potential of Voice over Internet Protocol.

  9. Voice over IP Foundations

    Voice over IP (VoIP) Foundations Course - Learn how VoIP works, why VoIP works, and how to use VoIP